Selected Carriers Waypoints


Currently when you select a carrier its route is highlighted by making the planned path wider/bolder, when you have lots of overlapping or similar routes it can still be difficult to see the path, could this be changed to the route being displayed in a different colour line, I suggest maybe red or cyan.


I’d suggest white to highlight it. Just like is done on the Intel chart, because the color isn’t used as a player color.


I have only just realised that the waypoint route colours are shown in my chosen colour (I have a thing for green, so select green if it is available) just checked the one game I am playing as another colour and can see the lines match my colour, Doh!

So as @liberator8200 says how about using white for the selected route.


I just added a white dotted line over the top of the thicker colour line. It should come out tomorrow. Let me know what you think when you see it.


Seeing the white dotted line and it is working very well, thanks.