Selecting multiple planets and ships


Grouping. I’d like to have a way to select multiple planets and carriers into a single group and get basic stats on them, total E/I/S and ships and maybe production value. I’m often considering areas of the map as single regions and would love to have an integrated tool to quickly add them up. It could also be useful to have groupings of enemy planets as well, so you could add up how many ships are visible in a particular region.

I’m only talking about this as a quick tool like the calculator, but I could imagine it being useful to make permanent groups to refer back to. I find I need it in two distinct situations, the backend production totals that I want to keep track of as E/I regions, and the front line ship totals that I am always calculating in preparation for battle. I’m not sure how, but maybe it could be a feature of the existing Galaxy window. You can already select the view by planets that you’ve already invested industry in, for example, but it isn’t granular enough. For instance, say you want to pump up the output from the outer rim where Yellow just took you by surprise and captured a minor planet. I’d like to be able to spam all the planets that are funneling ships to that particular front.

Apologies if the feature exists or has already been requested or would be irrelevant if I had more game experience. I didn’t see another thread for it.

I found this thread which covers the topic in the comments

but the last comment was in 2015 and all the links to the scripts were broken. I didn’t want to necro that post so I decided to go with this one. I guess the obvious next question is, how do you make scripts?