Sell back ships & carriers


In another thread I have detailed how I am stuck in a dark game and need to get a level of scanning and range before I can progress.

It would help me fund the research if I could sell back the carriers and ships which I have, I don’t expect to get full price, 50% for the carriers would be OK and a price would have to be decided for selling ships.


Who are you going to sell them to? Space Navy Surplus?

Sorry, but I don’t like the idea.


I have a loyal citizen, named Brichard Ranson who wants to mine our asteroid belts, he has offered to buy our ships and carriers to carry out this work.


Selling ships I would say no to. If I was able to, I would sell ships on a far away planet to put more industry closer to my borders. The game would become unbalanced when people start doing this. Instead of sending your ships across the map, all you would do is sell the ships to buy more industry closer to your borders.

Selling carriers I would be OK with if it is 50% of the price. If you don’t have very much money but need to defend your borders, the carrier way on the other side of the map won’t be much use. You can sell 2 carriers that aren’t needed right away to defend your borders or attack if you need to. This will also prevent players being unable to defend when it is near the end of their turn and they already spent their money with an attack coming. I never seem to have extra money. Selling used carriers for money seems like a logical explanation for the money. The price diminishes after you buy the carrier for the full price so when you sell the carrier, you only get half the money back.


Kinda like a scrap value.


Yeah, a ‘Scrap ship’ would be better than a sell, but the idea is still the same. I like this idea. I’m forever sending fleets of one ship to an enemy star to get them destroyed so their out of the way.


Wasn’t there at one point the option to “scuttle” a carrier if it didn’t have any ships?


I also think that you should get some ‘scrap’ if there is a battle at a star you manage to defend.