Ship quantity text field does not allow numbers other than 1 at the left


Basically, when you try to give an order to garrison a system, if you try to delete the “1” that’s there(on my settings, by default), the game puts it back there. I was unable to put in an order to garrison a system with 50 ships. Needed to be 100, or some other number with 1 in front.
Even after typing “150”(leaving the 1 there), and attempting to delete the 1 after doesn’t work, because of the previous code that pushes the cursor to the end.

Please allow for the field to be empty while typing, and change the code that checks for this to do it when you try to submit an empty field instead.
Otherwise I will only be able to give out orders for 1, 10, 100, 1000 ships(or variants), instead of 20, 25, 50, etc.



As a workaround till @JayKyburz fixes this, select the current value (double click it), you can then over type the value.


I’m experiencing this bug too – or is it the unintended consequence of a change to the interface? The old behavior was better in either case.


I am not experiencing this bug. I can place the cursor on the left, where it will let me insert one digit before it jumps to the right side. I am also able to delete a leading one. Works as expected both on my iPad and in Safari and Chrome on my Mac. The only thing I can’t get it to do is change cursor positions using the arrow keys. I must click to insert the cursor each time I add a digit in a place other than the far right.

Please provide as much info (OS and browser) as possible so that Jay can track down the cause of the bug.


In Google Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 m on my PC (Windows 7 Pro) you are able to position the cursor within a number with the mouse, but if you use the arrow keys the cursor jumps back to the right.
You can also edit (as I stated above) by double clicking the value to select the whole number and then anything you type over rights the selected value.


This seems fixed now, on my end. I am using Chrome too.

@markwkidd , anyone else, still have this? I’ll edit the thread name to add [fixed] if it seems to be working for others too.


Not fixed here


Sorry Everybody, I was trying to make the default 1 instead of 0. This should be fixed after a browser refresh.


@eDave, could you confirm it’s fixed for you after refreshing the browser?


Using the left arrow key to move the cursor is still not working, jumps back to the right. Positioning by clicking does work.


HOLY HULK’in AWESOME … I’ve suggested Garrision=1 (instead of 0) be the default for a lonngggg time (this is pretty useful early on) so thanks Jay for adding! :wink:

P.S. Using Firefox on Windoze, it all seemed to work fine for me.


Sorry for taking so long. Thank Dave G who twisted my arm.


Did he twist it as many times as I did?!? :wink: :wink:


apparently not.