Small Guide: Calculating Minimal Attacking Force


Not sure how other people do this but here’s my process. Maybe some people will find it useful.

We have a situation where we can take a star and want to take the star. However, because the launch star is vulnerable and defenders advantage exists we want to leave as much of our force behind as possible. There’s a few times situations like this happen, with this example there’s three outcomes:

  1. Opponent does nothing - best outcome
  2. Opponent defends target star - we take it anyway
  3. Opponent attacks launch star - we lose it, but want to do as much damage as possible

Was the attack worth it?

Enemy losses: 58 ships, 1 dead carrier, -10 income, -7 infrastructure cost
My losses: 80 ships.
My gains: $10 scavenge, at least 12 ticks production (~7 ships, 12 science points)


I would determine the worth of the attack on the following turns.
Was there retaliation and did you then lose the star?
Did you keep it?
If you kept it, then yes, if you lost it almost immediately then he probably lost less ships and you have almost nothing nearby to retake it leaving you vulnerable.

The answer to your question I suppose would be the following question: Did you gain an advantage? If so, then yes, otherwise, no, it was not worth it.


That’s complicated … my strategy is just to HULK SMASH!!! :wink:




The calculations include the assumption that it is retaken.

Below my question I answer my own question by listing the gains and losses. This is not a yes/no question which is why my answer is a list of gains and losses. A mistake on my part for wording the question in the way I did.


If I had been Bob I would have considered another infrastructure to keep the star, and possibly a counter attack at Taygeta - from Sham probably. Its about 10 hours right, so you can only make about say 6.


(SonOfBlob) I got Kita back 10 ticks later but I didn’t do the calculations which is why @AnnanFay will win this 1 on 1 match. It is good to play a master though and see how they think. Thanks.


Thanks Jay for changing my name on the forum to my correct alias SonOfBlob. I didn’t know that until now.


I think @xjhdexter must have done it.