So this is the kind of messages i can expect from players?

so i log into a game i am currently playing and as im checking the messages there is one sent to everyone in the game and it goes as follows

"Ok, is this microphone working? Hello? Where is my speech, hold on, i have it here. Let me see, Vict-Reebel? What sort of name is that? Victory- Reebel? Sounds like we are dealing with a genius… Are we ready? Ok.


Resistance is futile. Your empire and forces will be overun shortly. We will accept only unconditional surrender. We will promise to treat all people equally and fair under our rule. We shall name captured stars after children’s TV programmes. This obviously excludes citizens of welsh and Portugese decent. They will be murdered in mass genocide.

If you do not surrender, then we will slaughter the men, rape the women and make them sex slaves whilst sending all the bastard children to sweat shops to work for Apple and Nike.

What say you?

Pimpus Maximus"

now i know we are on the internet and we are going to have some A**holes writing messages, but really, raping-mass genocide-putting people in sweat shops. like what kind of person thinks it is acceptable to even joke about this kind of shit

Destroy him


Lol that guy. Seen him before.

Yeah I vote destroy him.

But don’t worry, 99% of us aren’t like that. You’ll find some normal role play, as well as lots of people who prefer to talk normally and just play the game.

Agree with the other posts here-once in a while you’ll encounter stuff like that, but for the most part we’re friendly (if underhanded at times) and the roleplay usually adds a nice dimension to the game, as opposed to what you’ve just experienced. I’d suggest rallying the rest of the galaxy around yourself and clearing the undesirable would-be-emperor from space…

There has been a, sadly, recent rash of mindless flamers and trolls running amok. I found their behavior repulsive. It’s not good to blame without any sure evidence, but this sounds like some of the insane stuff they were cooking up.

At any rate this is illegal as per game rules, and you have a right to complain about it Victreebell.

If it wasn’t role playing, and the comments were directed at the player, rather than the players in game empire, I would ban the player.

I think there is a big difference between an in game villain and real life villain.

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"I am sorry i can not reply. My mouth is full of your mother’s pussy then afterwards i have your sister going to have the most intelligent thing to come out of it… my dick.

I will get back to you later when i have finished.


a follow up reply to his thread, this is considered roll playing? as what a complete degenerate?

His messages just deserve to be ignored… while he is destroyed :slight_smile:

Yeah, thats not roleplaying. Please pm or email me the game number and player alias and I will track them down.

This sounds quite a bit worse than anything I have encountered before. Good grief.

The dude was cussing me out in a game a couple weeks ago, but when I told him to stop and that it bothered me he did. Nothing nearly this serious though. He obviously didn’t learn anything

I was playing a character, Victreebel attacked me personally so I responded. I over reacted and I apologized publicly and privately. Victreebel continued his attack so i lost it again.

I am not the bad guy here.

Thanks for posting Pimpus. Let all be a little less hot headed in future.