Social log in buttons do not display with adblock


This would be entirely the fault of using an adblocker, but if there was a note that said that you may need to disable it to see the social login buttons it would help. You can still click the buttons, the image just doesn’t load.


woah, thanks for the heads up. I will have a look into this soon!


I probably should have mentioned it when you first made the interface change. There is actually a setting in AdBlock Plus called Antisocial Filter. It hides the links that normally allow you to quickly share content to your social networks. I only saw it once when I randomly got the login screen on my desktop, but clicking in the spot I knew the button to be worked just fine. Otherwise, I see the icons all the time on my phone so I didn’t think much of it.

I wonder if you used your own custom graphics over those boxes, if ABP would notice them.


The images are hosted on my server so it must actually look at the filenames. I will rename them and see if it helps.


I had the same thing as Brian on a different adblocker, that’s what did it.


Can you have a look on the landing page and see if you can see them now with the ad blocker enabled.


How do I force it to log me out?


There is a logout button halfway down the account home page.


I see it now with the filter on, whatever you did worked. Thanks!