Social Media Login, can't reset password

I am a returning player and my gmail log in doesn’t work any more. The system says I need to reset the password for my true alias to be able to log in, and it sends me an email to do this but I’ve tried three times now and I have not received the email.

Please help!


Around 2015 FEB, the NP2 login system changed away from Google social login.

But once logged in, there is another email address in your account settings that receives notifications of game starts when all player positions have joined in, or notifications from your in game new email threads that another overlord has sent to you.

I suspect this internal email address can be different from your Google social log in.
So did you use a different email address for gaming ? I am just guessing.

I do not know whether these two forum threads would help you ?

If these ideas are no help, then wait and @JayKyburz will check this and help you.

Thanks for the response. I checked my other email address and nothing there either. Also, all of the emails I have got in the past from Neptunes Pride has been to the one I was trying to use today so I am sure I’m checking the right one.

Looks like those links you provided were actually talking about logging into this forum rather than the game

Here’s hoping Jay can help !

Hey @SpaceTurtle If you email me with your alias (if you remember it) I can look up your account in the database.

Right, apologies to all, this was just me being a doofus. I have a filter for NP emails which I forgot about ! Shows how long it’s been since I played.

Thanks Turtle, sorry I didn’t get a chance to write back yet,

Hey! Super sorry to dig up this old thread again, but I have the exact same issue. Returning player and whatnot. There’s a distinct chance I’ve asked this before, but I couldn’t log into any accounts, so I wouldn’t know.

I tried shooting a private message but it seems new users cannot do that, or maybe I’m silly. In amy case, where would I send an e-mail to so you could look up my username?

Send email to .