Solo Play Realtime?

Just started playing some of the solo campaign and I just realized that it’s not going in real time. This is great, but I’m falling into an issue where I’m really wishing for it… I don’t have the valour to jump forward 1 hour so I wanted to wait about that amount of time. Came back, realized nothing had moved and thus realized that solo play was not progressing in real time. Is there any way to maybe add a toggle somewhere to control that at will? Would be super helpful.

Thanks again for such a great game, really scratching my RTS itch right now =).


Having an option in single player mode to either play Real time Solo, or the Valour trade in time machine mode might be a solution. (Honestly, I love both.) the time machine mode let’s me test things quickly. The toggle back and forth you suggested should definitely be a quality assurance type of testing tool at least.

I’m adding my name to the list of people who’d really like to see a version of solo play that works like the multiplayer version.

In other words: A way to switch from real-time to time jumps, and an option to pause. The only new option here would thus be to enable time to pass normally in real-time.

hrm, I think I disabled it for single player because it could be used to bypass the “spend valour for short jumps” mechanic.

Is the obvious answer to have a toggle at the beginning of a game for turn based or real time, (maybe with different High scores).

Also if we are talking about this I would love some version of the turn based game for multiplayer

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It’s the “spend valor for short jumps” mechanic that I don’t personally enjoy.
And one could argue that you’re paying the valor so you don’t have to wait which is (in my mind, and echoed by the players I play with often) incentive enough to spend it.
Maybe could be balanced with a significantly reduced payout on longer jumps?

I get how it changes the play-style and could be something some players like. But personally I’d rather play without the “earn” valor via jumps mechanic.

I agree that a toggle to which one you want would be a great idea. And to of course keep the pause option that’s in the multiplayer game.

I also think a lot of people (me and my go-to co-players included) would enjoy a turn-based option where no valor is earned or lost in time skips. But instead we can just choose to skip as much time as we like based on our preferences. This is probably the ideal solution for us.

Just suggestions. These options could also be something that a Premium player could tailor to player preferences in the Host a Game menu. Even better that way, I think, as players could pick and choose the options that create both a challenging game as well as one with mechanics they prefer.

I was about to post a new topic about this.
I love dipping in and out of the game, and I also love playing solo, and I love making intricate moves that aren’t on the scale of hours.
Real time single player would provide this, and I don’t see why it can’t exist?