Some Game Feedback

  1. While not a bug, I’m not sure this is an intended
    mechanic: When you combine identical units, their special ability automatically
    refreshes. Example: I have 3 units of Elven Archers. The first fires for 6
    mana. The second fires for 6 mana. I combine all three units, which can now hit
    for 18 mana.

  2. The Dwarven Gryphon Rider is an awesome concept, but I
    think the price & power are too high. I can’t imagine a game where I’d have
    2,500 gold to spend, unless of course it was the end-game, at which point the
    unit would be moot. What about 1,500 gold/ power or 1,000 gold/ power?

  3. For Mulitplayer games it would be great to have an alert in
    the Main Menu (even simply having the Multiplayer button light up) for when a
    game begins & when you have idle units.

Apologies if any of this has been mentioned before. Just
starting to get caught up in the forums.

This game’s awesome.

Welcome to the forum and thank you for the feedback! I’ve got some off-the-cuff responses for ya:

This is the intended behavior for the moment. I agree with you that it’s a little unintuitive; you’re not the first one coming to the forums to ask whether it’s a bug or not ;-). The devs are still working out what the ideal behavior should be for merging units.

(Also, in the scenario you described, remember to merge the first two of the units and fire for 12 Mana before merging in the last one and shooting again!)

I think there’s a general consensus that all the monster-related cards (each race has its own [Monster] and [Monster] Rider card) are too expensive to be particularly useful (except the Goblin Spider Rider). The devs are aware of this and are definitely on the lookout for ideas!

Personally, the Gryphon Riders card is the only one in this group that I do sometimes consider using. Their price is undeniably high, but their Gold to Strength ratio is actually almost twice that of regular Gryphons, and they synergize fantastically with Wing Warriors (which if you haven’t seen yet, I won’t spoil for you ;-)).

I haven’t seen this suggested elsewhere, but it’s a great idea! At least the “you have a game that has started and you haven’t visited it yet” version; idle units are probably too common (like when you’re waiting at a fortress for the zombies to arrive). You could actually take this a step further and present a highlight/alert any time you’ve got a multiplayer game that you haven’t checked in on in the last 6 hours.

I agree!

I like this. Even better would be to hijack the browser notification feature like the forum does…

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Right, All the more reason it seems like an exploit, imo