Some suggestions

I am a newcomer, just finished two games, so I have some suggestions from the perspective of a new player, and I apologize if those were already made and discarded

When a player is AFK or quits and control is placed on an AI, the portrait changes to a silhouette. I’m not sure if a AFK player can return to resume control or not but if in the case the AI control is absolute may I suggest the portrait be something like Hal9000?


Can in a custom game settings, two options be added:
-Block trading with AI
-Block AIs trading with themselves

I feel AI trading can be abused, but cant quite put my finger on it

On the few games I am / was part of, I Saw several players going AFK or quitting, but one of them fought tooth and nail, to the last ship of the last star until KOed, and that improved the experience a lot for me. I gave him renown but I feel that this kind of behavior should rewarded somehow

Can in the future, perhaps, a player assume the empire of a player that gave up? (When joining a new game) I know it would be a very hard position but I personally would look forward to experience this kind of challenge


In User Created games, sometimes a player might go AFK, and that empire will be maintained by the AI.
The Premium player who created that game has the administrative Option to restore that player so that the AFK player can come back and continue in the game.
It would probably be helpful if the AFK player sent an email to that Premium player to ask to be restored.

Thank you for the clarification!