Some zombie groups give 0 Valour?


I know it’s a small group, but we’re risking our lives here! At least give us 1 Valour for our troubles… :wink:


Without the boost it only has 90 strength so I can understand why it gives no Valour. To be honest I don’t mind the 0 Valour reward if I physically fight those zombies since they are basically a free +1 combat experience if you have a strong army fighting them.

But that being said, something like a 1/4 Valour token for these weak zombies would be nice, since seeing 1/4 is a bit ugly it could just be called something else and you use the Bazzar to exchange 4 of these new tokens for 1 Valour point.


I’m just saying 1 should always be the floor. that’s all.


Since combat is calculated the way it is and everyone involved risks their lives, there should always be a valour reward.

Adding a new currency with all the teaching and UI required just to handle this edge case is a bit overkill.


I think it’s not crazy to set a floor for the valour.


Having recently been whittled away by small goblin groups that gave me no valour in a couple of games, I’m resurrecting this idea. I didn’t think I minded no valour before, but after having lived through it, I’m now in favor of a minimum valour amount that is greater than zero.


I can see both points of view on this. One concern I have is that this can create a small imbalance depending on which map your playing. Against Dwarves, Humans, and Trolls it not such a big deal since groups are generally over 100. On the other hand with Elves and Goblins you see a a lot more groups in the 60-90 range. A good example would be in the Goblin Woods map, almost all of those groups will be less than 100.

I noticed when using my Dark Forest Witches that the games seems to make this calculation on total casualties rather than separately for each group.

A compromise here might be to lower the increments of valor down to 20, essentially multiplying by 5, and the adjusting all the costs accordingly.


I think this is a difficulty thing. What we need to do is take a step back and see if we think the players just need more valour for dealing with all these small groups.


Floating Point Valour!


100 New Valour = 1 Old Valour! (that way you could give away 25-ish Valour here and there and eventually you get enough to matter.)


This is what Eshal suggested. I think I like this idea the best so far.


This is not exactly what I had suggested, Valor starts to look a little silly IMHO if the numbers get too high. 20-1 I thought was a nice balance.


It was the concept. You both gave different examples of what to scale it by, but had the same suggestion.