Star generating algorythm

In my opinion hyperspace range technology breakes a big part of geopolitics in NP, as it makes strategic points like stars that act like bridges between larger star formations largely useless.
Because of that i entered custom game menu and searched if you can ban this technology in settings. It turned out it is possible, however I dont know if it makes some stars permanently unreachable, or if the algorithm that generates them somehow compensates for it.

For reasons mentioned above I would like to know if such game mechanic work, and if not, would you consider making it? (I can offer you help if needed.)

Imo the star generating algorithm pretty much does not take any settings into consideration that are not directly related to it. You will likely see stars and perhaps even players permanently unreachable if you fix Hyperspace Range at Level 1. Maybe @xjhdexter knows more.

I don’t think you are factoring in the travel speed,

I honestly think hyperspace tech beyond 4 maybe 5 is pretty useless, its only good if you want to send your ships to your front line without any delay

I play with a close friend group, and I must say we are not a regular group, everybody checks the game every single tick,

so sending a fleet to a far distance system is pretty bad, your opponent can react to it so easily,

so even if your opponent can send a fleet to your backline, choke points are still very important. because at worst case you ships at the choke point reach your backline way faster than ship coming from ahead,

especially if you have a choke point with warp gate, with that warp gate you don’t even need your choke point to be at the front, it even protects the system in front of it… because if they attack that system, you can reach it quicker, most logical way for them to attack you is directly to your warp gate