Star Resource Distribution


Does anyone know if the map distributes star resources somewhat uniformly on random maps? Or is it purely RNG.
I ask because in my current game I have 19 stars after the first day, with no possible expansion without conflict and but 10 of them have resources of 8 or less. I’ve found one star that was 47, one was 30 and one was 21. I feel like I’ve never seen so many shit stars in a game before and I can’t see any possible way out of this situation.

Basically I feel like the game is pretty much already over and I lost before I even launched a fleet.


Mind your language, Gentlebeing. :smiling_imp:

I just finished up a 64 game where I had all of five stars to my name and the average size on them was something close to 25~ish. Three were trash and only two of them had thirty on them. Worse, there was nowhere else for expansion. I find the idea of a single 47 resource gem system to be a wonderful thought. :dizzy:

What’s the game’s resource level? Standard, sparse or plentiful? Also, what’s the starting distance, close, medium or far? And how about stars per player?


Pardon my french, I type the way I speak :smiley:

I"m playing a 9 player Dark Galaxy with some friends, with everything set to the default values except Scanning 2. I take this game unhealthily seriously and the fact I woke up every 2 hours last night to check fleet movements because the game started at 8pm and then to see the end of the first day, I have double the stars of any other player, but over 50% of them are useless and I see 2 other players with more of every type of Infrastructure than me.

Basically on average my stars are costing twice as much as my opponents to upgrade, and as the second day proceeds they’re catching up on my star count. It feels like RNGjesus is against me in an absurd way. I’ve played quite a few games and I’ve never seen anything anywhere near this bad.


When most people say “purely random”, or similar statements they mean uniform distribution. What do you mean by “uniformly” vs “purely RNG”?

Uniform distribution just means is that on average you are likely to see as many X res stars as Y res stars for any two possible values. This can be applied to ranges also, you would be likely to see as many 1-10 res stars as 11-20 res stars, and so forth. It is possible to get many shit stars or many good stars with a uniform distribution.

IMHO: The only two distributions which would make sense are normal and uniform. I would personally choose normal but uniform is much easier to implement.


My language could be clearer.
What I mean to ask is does anyone know the map generator spreads the total resources of all stars in the galaxy either:
A) Pretty much evenly across any given region such that each player has equivalent-ish valued stars nearby
B) Evenly spread across the range of possible values such that there are approximately equal numbers of 1-10 stars as 23-32 stars or 17-26 stars

I guess what I’m asking is, is the map generator relatively fair, or does it appear to be basically random?


Dont hold me to this, my memory is a little foggy,

First I splat down the player’s home worlds. Then I scatter stars around each home world. The quality of the stars scattered around each home world is the same I think. So if there are 3 crap stars and 2 good ones, it will be the same for each player. However the distance and angle I throw the star is random so your good stars might actually be closer to another players home star.

Something like that anyhow.


In a standard game all players starting stars are defined. So if one player has resource 5,10,15,35 & 50 stars, so will all players.

Jay, is there a bias on unclaimed stars near the centre of a galaxy being better? I always thought it was to compensate for being surrounded.


No, there is just a naturally higher density of stars because there is more “overlap” of scatter area from each player homeworld.


Yes I’m aware of that. I’m purely including stars I didn’t start with.

Having slightly denser stars in the centre of the galaxy might be true, but the quality spread definitely doesn’t appear to work that way. Which is why I made this thread obviously :smiley:
This is a 24 stars per player game with Medium resources and I can conclusively say there are 2 stars, out of 12 or 13 which are closer to my home stars than my opponents that are above an 8 in resources, a 47 and a 21. Maybe I got extremely unlucky with the overlap scatter, I don’t know. But as I gaze out from the ramparts of my 3, 8 and 2 resource border worlds to the lush paradises of 47, 44 and 42 I can’t help but feel a little jealous :smiley:

As an update, after ~68 cycles I’m equal leader in stars with about 30% less of all Infrastructure than the other two leaders, despite focussing extremely heavily on early Economy. There is a player who didn’t even log in until part way through the second day who managed to buy ~31 Economy before the second production cycle completed.


I have a message from the Liberation.

If it’s quality stars you need, then might this humble Anarchist suggest “Freeing” some of those 44 resource stars. No one said those idiots cultivating them have any right to what is obviously your rich star systems. Give into your jealously. It makes you stronger. Kinda like hatred, which is great too, making you stronger.

Don’t feel bad about it. Take the stars. Be brutal. Might we suggest mass-sub atomic decay beams. Those have always served Liberal Movement into other stars in the past; we don’t see why it would not work for you.


Your suggestion is a wise course of action I am attempting to pursue. Unfortunately when you have no Industry within 18 hours of your enemies border (because of aforementioned shit stars), while they have 3x 40+ stars clustered very close together it is quite difficult to make headway. I would have actually established a beach-head in an hour or two from the time of this post but unfortunately my enemy happened to be awake at 4am his time and reinforced.


Huh, how unfortunate. You must not have been vicious and swift-moving enough earlier in the infantile cycles.

Now, listen to what this old Anarch has to say, it’s a kernal of wisdom old Grandmother Anarch taught me when I was still a lava polyp in the comb: if you can’t steal their stars yourself, you get someone else to do it for you.


There is no way I could have been faster or more vicious early. I expanded optimally in all directions with no pauses and had 19 stars to next placed 11 at the end of the first 24 hours. Once we met he ignored all offers of friendship etc and went directly on the offensive. Fortunately this worked since he had one neighbour and I have 5 and his one neighbour is the sole neighbour of two other players so isn’t keen on fighting against 3 enemies.

I have since seen his entire 15 stars, his worst apart from starting stars is a 31. I only have 3 over an 8 in my 20 stars. His also happen to be in a highly dense, defensible cluster while mine are in a giant X. The imbalance would be hilarious if it weren’t happening to me.

I’ll probably beat him in a vacuum since eventually with Terraforming my stars become usable, but we’re already falling behind because all the other wars are one sided. I’d provide a screenshot if I wasn’t worried one of the players in the game would see it.


Hello my friend,

I am not the most experienced of players but I need something helping me to procrastinate. Well - lets see: problematic starting position, weak stars…

Since this is a multiplayer game and you had, as you said, a weak starting position, there is no guaranteed path to victory. But as you say, terraforming helps closing the gap.

So if my starting position were exceptionally weak I would go experimentation(highscaling)/manufactoring(defensive military power)/terraforming(good for bad stars)/banking(starvalue does not matter) . Defend until terra … 8 and only attack if losses were absolutely low.

u said u have ur enemy A, one behind that one B and two behind B: C and D.

If the player in my enemies back(B) would not be willing to fight him I would try to support exactly one of C and D until that one destroys B and becomes a possible ally against A. How to support? Techs and money, since your money might be more efficient on the star systems of B than on your own ones.

Trade Scanning enabled? Np, then I have more tech-tradepartners than my enemy and will outrun his science without even spending much money on it.

just some thoughts,



While I, Smulm, find your position sad, as I have experienced many times myself, the Liberation, unfortunately, has other things to say.

The Liberation finds your failure to achieve initial success…amusing. Have you trained your troops successfully upon invigorating them to Liberating Causes? Perhaps you yourself might best be tasked with descomposition cleaning.