Star Wars! (Custom Game)

Big Empire! Big Alliances! Big Battles! Welcome to the age of Jedi and Sith, Republics and Empires, and Galaxy-Changing decisions.
Star Wars is a series of games that follow certain themes, each around the core aspect of Epic Sizes. This game uses other settings such as a large galaxy with far starting distance, increase starting stars/stats to get a quick start, and common and cheap warp gates in order to bring natural dynamics to the battlefield.

Game Link:
Game Password: Chapter 2

Custom Rules

  • 16 Players
  • Large, Far starting distance
  • Formal Alliances
    • Scanning Trade
  • Common, Cheap Warp Gates
  • 10 Starting Stars:
    • Starting Eco/Ind/Sci: 10/10/2
    • 50 Starting ships / star
    • 2000$ starting credits
  • Tech:
    • No Experimentation
    • Cheap Banking and Manufacturing
    • Expensive Weapons