Stargate questions

Perhaps silly questions but I would appreciate some input, it is regarding stargates and turn based games.

  • If I build stargate, is it immediately visible to my opponent or it only becomes visible next turn? I presume it is the same when I destroy it?

  • If I give carrier orders from one stargate system to other stargate system and then destroy the start or destination stargate, will the carrier automatically revert to base speed before turn “begins” or it will continue with warp speed?

  • Will there be implemented carrier order to destroy the stargate upon arrival to the star?

I believe gates are immediately visible even though perhaps they should not be.

The carrier will not calculate how far it should travel until the “tick” / turn. It will look at both stars, and if there are gates at both it will move faster.

I had not planned on it, but I could add this if you think it will be useful.

I think it would be interesting addition if carriers could destroy or even build stargates.
It would add some micromanagement tactical options when there is a tug-of-war with someone in advanced stages of game.

Assuming we are talking about WARP Gates in Triton, you can NOT see changes (creation or deletion) before the next turn/tick … even if you are aligned. You “fixed” this a while back Jay - a good change since it encouraged people to wait until the last minute to “see” what other players had done …

Thanks for chiming in here Hulk. I had forgotten that I had fixed this.