Suggest an indicator for WG's on the Stars summary page

My brother was a coder, not me…Please bear with my word description …
Proposal 1
Use the Galaxy Stars summary page to show WG .
This can be as simple as < and > around the player color/shape indicator in the left column.

Proposal 1 A
The Show All Stars option on Galaxy Stars summary page should also convey WG existence at neighboring stars within your scan range.
The same <> around the player color/shape indicator can apply too.

Proposal 1 B
The same WG indicator should also apply within your scan range on the Galaxy Ships summary page

Like I said, not sure how to code it, just got an image of how it could be better.

Like many in the IHG community, My late brother was a big fan of NP2.
My fandom is due to his enthusiasm for NP2.

I was reviewing a game where he used my ID as a 1v1 test account vs his ID.
He and I differed on various strategic aspects, but we both understood the simplistic beauty it holds among the 4X strategy games played between us.

One thing he often did to a fault was get early warp gates. I usually hold off to gain a few TF and HR tech levels to maximize the WG value to my empire before spending credits. It was always difficult for me to accurately value these WG’s. They are dependent on too many factors. Thus, I simplified my valuation to data that was comparable between my empire and any other opponents. When my scan tech only allows vision into 30% of an opponent’s stars, I would not be aware of some potential WG’s they hold. None of the WG information appears in the Opponent dashboard. The map is the only way to see them. Manually move the map around , and then you can count them up, both your own and any neighbors.

Please consider this feature proposal.
Thank you,