[Suggestion] Harder difficulties should give more hero coins


I might be wrong, but I think winning a nightmare difficulty map gives you the same coins as all other difficulties. I think it would be more fair if the amount of coins you get is depended on the difficulty of the round.

So for example. X = amount of players for the map

Easy = 2/3 * X
Normal = 1 * X
Hard = 1 1/3 * X
Nightmare = 1 2/3 * X

Each number is rounded up for when you get decimal results. So a 6 player map will give 4 on Easy, 6 on Normal, 8 on Hard, 10 on Nightmare.

I don’t think this should apply to single player. 1 coin for any win is fine I think and harder difficulties are a nice challenge for yourself to have fun with.


I tend to agree with you, but I think it should be even a little higher for the harder difficulties. 4,6,9,12


I tried to find this topic instead of creating the same again. Winning nightmare should be more rewarded. Maybe also losing could be rewarded with less hero coins than winning, but maybe related to the time you can stand against the blighted. Losing on nightmare after more than 11 days is bitter enough. Getting nothing is even worst. And winning feels a bit less rewarded. Well, ok, high score entry… but gnaaa…


There’s a todo item for this: https://trello.com/c/BRdxSBNi/1101-extra-coins-for-hard-and-nightmare

As for getting something even when you lose on Nightmare, I agree, but first the game needs to be made hard enough that Nightmare is consistently a lost cause. Right now only a very few maps offer the kind of abysmal win rates that would justify giving coins for losses.