It gets into the old problem with these cards: there are very few situations in which you need to deploy a single regular unit that quickly that you can’t just train them the regular way. And special units suffer even more from that. It just seems like a waste of hand space.
It might work if you reduce the price for specials, but that would be hard to do with the regular ones. If you cut down the price significantly, it’s probably a good idea to take as many “deployable” regular cards: You need to build a ton of them anyway, and now you can do it cheaper! So either there is no reason to put them in your deck, or you should always take as many as possible.


This was on our todo list for the longest time, but after we did the sp tournament we realised how seriously players would take the game in “tournament mode” and I was worried that the social pressure to be watching the game all the time would be far more intense that in the casual games and would basically make the game no fun.

I would still like to do this, but I think only once we have a turn based game type implemented for multiplayer so that there is no pressure to be watching the game at all times of the day and night.

I like the pressure of real-time when I’m just playing for fun, but if I were playing seriously I think I would find it just too much.

Yes, I think this would add an interesting new dimension to the game. Fast moving scouts would be a very useful addition, exploring the map would be fun. Communicating with the other players about what threats they can see would be fun.

It’s a big job, but a feature I think I would like to take on if the game does well.

It would be good to do when we do the righteous and corrupted cards to give us new mechanics to play with.

I think thats a pretty good solution. I was thinking it would be good enough that you dont have to wait the 6 hour training time, but perhaps there needs to me more incentive to take them.

I like this idea too. A named character essentially. Somebody significant in the world.

I would be cool if each of these named characters had a single player mission dedicated to them.

Thanks again @FroschKonig!

Did we chat over on Kong too?


This is such a popular request I think we will do it in an update soon. Perhaps only for Hard games or better.


I have considered just removing them from the collection and replacing them with new heroes only. Is that crazy?


I’d support this!


Not really. It always seemed a bit odd to have regular units mixed in with the special cards.
(I’m not saying it would 100% be a GOOD idea, because i’m not a game designer. No pressure :smiley:)


I don’t think we had the chance to talk it out on kongregate!

I would also like to see some different winning/losing conditions. Currently you win when all blighted souls have been killed and buried, while you lose if all your settlements turn to the blight side.

Add some twist to the games, by creating more specific winning conditions:

• Capture enemy stronghold (enemy fortress with a fix amount of blighted troops that would stand guard; ideal for maps where blight starts with overwhelming numbers)

• Keep settlement safe for X amount of days (blight would be drawn to the location; once again ideal with overwhelming enemy numbers, you should find a way to slow down the enemy!)

• Capture target location / save target hero within X amount of days. (Living have to rush to reach the location; ideal on big maps with different routes available)

and many others…


Commenting on the above, I’d like the secondary win condition of ‘evacuation’. Especially if you’re on the losing end of a match, maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I’d have any experience with that…whistle


Unlimited strength horde mode type enemies bearing down on you from outside the zone. You can’t stop them. They’ll just keep coming forever, and eventually from all sides of the map, eventually with extra bosses. Your only solution is to pull up stakes and escape with as much population as you can-pretty much, instead of training strictly military units (though you still have to do this) from your pop, you can make a ‘civilian’ unit composed of refugees, presumably at no/low gold cost, though the training time could be long-it’s also time you’re not spending making military units. This civ unit can’t fight, it’s only purpose is to get the evacuation point. It’s also really slow.

The strategy comes from holding out as long as possible, with whatever forces you have-balancing saving as much population as you can, with building the military forces you need to protect them. You have to go on the offensive too, to KO bosses with kingdom wide debuffs. Pretty much, your only score is in how many lives you can save and how long you can keep them from taking the ‘home’ point-where you have to evacuate all the civilians too.


Yeah, these are cool ideas. Its a fairly simple way for us to make a really intresting “special map”

How about rescue a specific hero that is trapped in a fortress surrounded by zombies!


My suggestion is more towards the IOS app. Is it possible for you to make it if your game sounds are off it doesn’t turn off your music when your using the app?

EDIT: ok music does work after turning the sound off in app just had to restart app and phone


Iv noticed that player awarded badges are basicly non existent haven’t seen anyone with one. I’m guessing the high hero coin cost is a major factor to it. I like the idea of telling people when they play a race or play like a creature but maybe make it something like a nomination thing? Like someone elects a person for a badge and everyone who isn’t a person can dontate however many coins they want to it. That way it isn’t as heavy a cost for one person if they don’t have premium. Or just lower the cost and reward of the badge?


I got a big yet possible one, a random map generator. You could chose which races are present and put your fate in the hand of hasard.

Pretty much ultimate replayability


Was thinking on ways to make the game better.

Idea 1.
I’m sure it’s been considered, but has anyone submitted the idea of neutral ‘creep’ monsters to spice up the maps? Right now the landscape of Alundria seems a bit lifeless (no pun intended).

My idea is that there’s nests of hostile, yet living enemies on the map-think bandits and stock D&D monsters and other non-aligned species. You can have your armies cut your teeth on them, or let them intercept incoming immortals…but, if the immortals get them you’ll have to deal with them after they’re dead.

Hunting them down should get your armies extra gold, valor and perhaps bonus (?) EXP, at the cost of lives. I think it would add another level of strategy. Maybe even unlock some bonus ‘mercenary’ cards for you to use.

My thoughts are sometimes it takes a while for the Immortals to come shambling into your armies, and you’re pretty much sitting around at 0 valor, unable to tackle that 5k immortal army for awhile, with a bunch of cities stubbornly refusing to join you-so why not let us get in a few fights with weaker neutrals to build up resource? Pretty much, ‘creeps’ would be the stop-gap between fighting the zombies, occupying chokepoints on the map and rewarding aggressive gameplay.

Idea 2.
I’ve noted that experience is really useful for basic troop units. But it’s utterly useless for single ‘hero’ units and monsters. +10 strength alone isn’t really worth anything to a single unit. Has it ever been considered for a rehaul to the EXP system for lone heroic units?

It wouldn’t have to be complicated-just keep the same general percentage of strength as related to their base unit.


Stout General is 270 strength vs Dwarf Hammers 640, about 2.7 times difference.

Every time DH gains an exp, they gain +40 strength, assuming they didn’t lose any units. So it would makes sense for the General to gain +10 strength a level. It would at least make them feel cooler. :stuck_out_tongue:

We could go one level further and actually give hero cards unique buffs for experience levels-this would make the hand you draw rather important. Do you drop the Tree Whisperer to slow the immortals, or do you try to level up your Elven tactician so you go on the offense?

It could go like… (and this isn’t very creative, yah lol)

Stout General

  1. Dwarven Endurance I: Increased Speed by X for this unit and units in his army
  2. Dwarven Toughness I: Units in the army of the stout general gain +X chance of saving throw when suffering damage.
  3. Dwarven Order II: Increase Dwarven Order bonus by X
  4. Dwarven Endurance II: Increased Speed by X for this unit and units in his army
  5. Dwarven Toughness II: Units in the army of the stout general gain +X chance of saving throw when suffering damage.
  6. Dwarven Order III: Increase Dwarven Order bonus by X
  7. Dwarven Endurance III: Increased Speed by X for this unit and units in his army
  8. Dwarven Toughness III: Units in the army of the stout general gain +X chance of saving throw when suffering damage.
  9. Dwarven Order IV: Increase Dwarven Order bonus by X
  10. War Hero: Stout General doubles his personal attack bonus, and Dwarf Hammers can be trained at his location every X hours for X mana, drawing population from your nearest settlement.



These are both great ideas @Dwarmin

I would love to bring the world to life with those kinds of little details. When you think about it you could do all kinds of intresting things.

A dungeon you can go to on the far side of the map to request the help of a special hero, A caravan of merchants that move from town to town along the road.

Perhaps some forests could be protected by dark elves that you have to fight before you can get any mana wells in a map.

For 2 yes, I have been considering changing experience to be a % based thing instead. so level 1 gives you +10%, level 2 gives you 20% of your health.

Its a biggish change so we would have the think carefully about it.


I second this. The 0 valour thing happens so often, sometimes even turning the game into waiting for 2 days before you can do something. Neutral units would work really well both for solving this and adding some diversity.

Hm, and maybe make it more difficult for the players in hard and nightmare mode by making their heroes start at level one instead of level two like in normal mode: The skill doesn’t appear until level 2-4 depending on the hero. While no-skill units would still remain as strong as they are now, this would prevent people from just summoning a hero and have them blast away the enemy the same minute.
It will actually require some foresight to have them fight at least once before you could use your Tree whisperer or forest dryad to effectively stop the undead. But on the bright side, the more experience, the less cooldown.
So if your blind justice survives the first skirmishes on the frontlines, you can have her keep fighting to improve your nuking speed or pull her back, but summoning her on the calmest spot on the map won’t do you any good no more.

How about that? Or would that make things too hard?


Hmm, kind of like the MOBA jungle creeps? Sounds like a pretty good idea actually.
Likewise on revamping the xp system on heroes, it would certainly improve things.
My only problem with the tiered leveling system is that it would increase the complexity (of which there is quite a lot for newer players with ~30 heroes per race), and the balancing of them (a top-level hero might completely break the balance on their own. Doubly so when you use already effective heroes, like the Tree Whisperer or the Blind Justice)

Though perhaps we could do something similar for some of the bosses? That instead of gaining power, they gain/improve abilities?

I like this idea, but there is a problem with it: Many of these heroes are complete garbage in a fight, and most players will do their best to keep them out of one unless absolutely necessary.
This means that, say, an elven player would have to constantly risk their valuable mages in (often rather casualty-heavy) battles. After all, one of the main ways players hold off zombies early on is by exploiting those very heroes to the fullest.

So players would be forced to keep throwing away valuable and expensive heroes, which might mean that they decide to use as few as possible, which would seriously lessen the game experience and gimp the players.

Unless you could orchestrate a series of curb-stomp fights (like leave 1 village dead and keep a sizable force nearby to have them walk into, then use it as a training center). But on higher difficulties you probably dont have the time or resources to do that. And it feels too much like gaming the system for me.


Hey guys, coming back to this game!

Blind Justices, high elves, and little wizards were too powerful before, so I’m glad a change was made to them. Unfortunately I think the change, while fulfilling the purpose of nerfing them, is super unfun.
I understand the idea is to make the player “break even” on the valor gained from a ranged attack and valor lost from casting (similar for mana). But if the zombie army is weaker than the attack hitting it then all excess damage just results in lost valor (this also makes them worse at endgame cleanup)

It makes using these cards a very unfun cost math problem. They’re complicated to use correctly and despite still being powerful are not very exciting.

I think a simpler solution would be better, something that reduces the amount of accounting (literally) needed to play these cards. I would suggest simply capping their damage. Say, at 500. This way you prevent the runaway damage issue, they still take awhile to “charge up”, but do not grow out of control. And it makes them a much more intuitive and fun to play card.

In the end I don’t really know what the solution is. I’d rather they just didn’t gain valor from attacks, rather than the strange “cost 10% valor, but gains back 10%”. Because then you don’t fire a valor strike at a boss, fail to kill him, and essentially waste the valor spent.


i understand your angle for blind justice where the only generation is the killing of the blighted, and can’t say much for little wizard never play goblins, but a damage cap i think would be very… painful to the cards. high elves have a few of mana generation cards so the high elf is fine i even sometimes use it to kill things like ironsides and other such ridiculous undead lords 500 or even a 1000 damage cap would basically kill my elf deck’s current strategy for dealing with large troops entirely. or am i just misreading your post completely and you talking about just blind justice with the damage cap?


The dwarves have a cannon that does 400 damage with 2 range. It’s considered a “powerful” ranged unit.
A 500 damage unit with a range of 12(!!) is “insanely” good. Same with a range 6 unit. They could be balanced by their reload times.
My problem with these units is they’re still too good, they just take a little longer to charge up, and then their firing mechanic isn’t very fun because it feels like you aren’t “gaining” anything.
Perhaps a damage cap isn’t the solution, but I don’t find the 10% mechanic to be the appropriate solution. They’re still about as powerful, just unsatisfying to use.

The game has a problem where the first 3-4 days are incredibly tense, challenging, and satisfying, and then things settle into place, the situation is managed, and everyone settles in for the long wind-down. I think these cards are part of (though not the biggest part) that problem.

But to be honest, I’m not an expert at this stuff by any means. I don’t have some excellent intuition into game design. I still enjoy playing this game. I just don’t find that mechanic in the cards to be fun or satisfying.



Armies are given a sprint option e.g. “Fast March” that any leader Hero can activate. This doubles the normal movement speed of the hero and his/her army for X amount of time, following which all members of the army then receive a -50% or worse MS debuff, e.g “Fatigue” for X amount of time that can only be removed by time.

Idea 2:

Reduce clutter in the way the cards in hand are shown. Sort cards in hand and combine duplicate cards with a number showing how many they are. Also have a button to expand the cards in hand into a window so they all can be seen atonce. There’s a button to show all cards in “Your Deck”. maybe it can be used to also show all cards in “Your Hand”

Idea 3:

Add a “Reinforce” movement order that units can use, for the player to issue a follow order while the relevant units are apart. The unit being followed will immediately pause its movement (with a notification that it is “Waiting for Reinforcements”) until all reinforcing units have caught up, upon which the army consolidation will be executed and the Leader will unpause itself and continue movement. This not only allows army consolidation to happen anywhere in a tile as opposed to only on nodes, and generally be a quality of life improvement for the player

Idea 4:

Unit production tiles can set one rally point to any node or any friendly unit.