Taking a home star or successfully repelling an attack provides access to enemy technology

It might be fun if taking a home star from another player awarded the invader all or some of the defender’s technology advancements if the defender has any technology that the invader has not yet developed.


There have been many attempts at suggesting similar moves. I think it is completely reasonable to be able to reverse engineer tech taken in conquest. Probably should be a percentage of points toward tech areas that the defeated is ahead in, factoring in the difference in levels and total fraction of their Science captured. The percentage could be significantly higher for taking their home.

Maybe something like:

5% per level difference multiplied by SciPointsCaptured/TotalSciPoints*100

So if they had level 5 to your level 4 at Standard cost and you took a star with 1 Sci and they had a total of 30 Sci
(0.051(144))(1/30100)=24 points

So if they had level 5 to your level 4 at Expensive cost and you took a star with 2 Sci and they had a total of 30 Sci
(0.051(216))(2/30100)=72 points

I dunno, if you can take their home star you are probably already winning. Do you really need to win more?

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Something like this was already discussed here: Capturing Science & Technology

It is nice anyway to retake this discussion.

Looks like we had slightly different formula ideas, but apparently I replied right away in that thread too.

Oops sorry about that. I could have sworn I had seen this come up before, but I didn’t see the previous topic when I was preparing this post.

Maybe instead of gaining technology from taking a home star, what if when a player successfully repulses an attack – in other words, you are attacked but are victorious – there is an X% chance that you reverse engineer your attacker’s technology by examining the remains of their destroyed fleet.

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Getting tech for taking a home star, would unbalance the game imo.
But fighting and loosing should get you some tech points. Fighting and winning, giving you the opportunity to scavenge the battlefield, should get more tech points.
This would balance the game because players that are in the lead would probably have higher tech.