Tau Zero - Travel far and fast to survive



A lightning fast double speed Dark Galaxy game, where you start with a 30 30 4 home star and 50 ships. 16 tick cycle so Production is every 8h - Banking is set to 16 so cash is plentiful. … The number of stars is Medium and both resources and warp gates are plentiful…


Tau Zero is an excellent hard SF novel by Poul Anderson that follows the crew of a colonization starship aiming to reach a nearby star. The ship is powered by a Bussard ramjet, which was proposed 10 years before Anderson wrote the book. The ship accelerates for the first half of the journey, the ship passes through a small nebula before the halfway point, damaging the deceleration field generators.

You are one of the captains of seven such ships who, after bitter disagreement, increase acceleration even more to leave the galaxy in order to reach a region where the local gas density is low enough to repair the decelerator. But all the ships are forced into an unmapped galaxy where you and your crew deploy your carriers to explore and colonize…