Team games

I haven’t read through the entire forum so I apologise if a similar post

I think it would be good to have a new game style “team games”

In this game you would be automatically assigned an ally at the start of your game, you would be in a formal alliance and you wouldn’t be able to break it.

Victory conditions for this would be, your team collects x amount of stars in the galexy. When you and your alliance has the correct amount of stars, you would both be victorious

Setting up the game I think would have these rules able to be customised

amount of stars required for victory
the amount of players in the game, and how many players that are in your team (2-4)
If your allies are close by or random anywhere in the galexy.
If teams are visible, So you can know who’s on each team, or you have to guess!!
Tech trade. Trade with team only, or trade with other players as well
1/2 price trade to your team, or full price trade
Team vision, so you can see the scanning of all your team mates or turn it off (would be interesting for large dark games)
Turn on and off, ability to see team score, how each team is going towards victory.

For advanced play…
you don’t know who your team is… and you have to find them, when a player comes into your scanning range, only then will you know if that player is on your team. This would be fun on large games, eg. 32 players and random placement for teams, you could go half the game and not be able to find your team mate, but suddenly you win because you have lf the required stars and your team mate has the other half.

These abilities should always be in place (except for my advanced play idea)
Ability to trade with your team (even if normal rules state that trade with scanning range only and you’re team is outside of the scanning range)
Total team count, you can see how well your team is going for total number of stars, you might not be able to see how other teams are going, especially if they are on hidden teams
You can’t break the team ever! you are always in a Formal alliance with your team, but you can’t ally with anyone else formally.

I think this would create a whole new way of playing the game, it also gives new players a chance to team up with experienced players and learn some tactics, instead of being hammered all the time.


I was gonna post something like this, but instead I’m gonna necro-bump this thread. I used to play quite a bit but now I’ve had a long break. My friends don’t play anymore, neither. We really liked the game but we like team games, and even the option of formal alliances wasn’t what we were after. I think the minimal changes that would make the game playable for our group are:

  • Option to choose team sizes (or number of teams) and players are randomly assigned to the teams on game start, as unbreakable formal alliances. Default to perhaps two teams.
  • Option to enable/disable tech trading with other teams. Disabled by default.
  • Option to share team vision (for dark galaxy games). Enabled by default.

That’s pretty much it. I think it’s pretty minimal and would make the game playable again for people who got tired of soloing-backstabbing and prefer a more straightforward team game.

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I also like this this idea. If you have allies you trust doing a format like this should be no problem. Here was my idea:.

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Thanks for the reminder guys. I will have a look at where we are up to on these team features in the next few weeks.

Sorry to sound like a broken record Jay, but Mirror Maps would be a big bonus for team play …

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Sorry Hulk, Things have been super busy around here for the last few months.

When it’s ready Jay, I am willing to be a guinea pig on the team games, don’t care who i’m paired up with as long as they are willing to give it a good go and not instant quit!