Testing features of NPTimelapse - in-browser timelapses

In this topic I will be posting info on experimental updates to NPTimelapse that I want you to see and give feedback on. The first is online timelapses. For more info see the first comment.

This description will be updated to reflect the latest beta feature.

In-browser timelapses

My server is not a very fast machine and rendering timelapses takes some time. I thought a good idea would be to delegate the rendering to the client machines instead! With in-browser timelapses the timelapse data is prcessed and sent to your browser which takes care of rendering it to your screen - and using your machine and your graphics card it should be so fast it can do it in real time.

Feedback request

I’m saying “should be” because I only have my own computer to test it on. I want you to go and see if it runs smoothly and if you like how it looks, any suggestions in the visual domain are appreciated. Would you like to have this option available for any timelapse?

Possible problems

The server has to preprocess some data before sending it to your browser. You may be stuck on the “Loading…” message for as long as 30 seconds. If it’s longer than that please notify me. I don’t know how the server will react when multiple people request the in-browser timelapse at the same time.

Further developement

Currently I’m visualising individual stars. I was thinking about making an option of voronoi coloring, like it is in the .mp4 timelapses but without pixelation. Let me know if that’s something that you would like to see. I might do it anyway because of the interesting math problems it entails.

You can send feedback by commenting here or finding me on the NP discord server under the same nick.

it’s definitely faster than requesting a mp4 file, also it’s easier to check the stars exchange tick by tick
having smaller blob make it more clear (you don’t need to add a pixel per star)

i tried it with several timelapse, it worked for all of them so far

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