The first of the new bosses


Just wanted to let you know the first of the boss revisions should land tomorrow morning (if all goes well this afternoon.)

The Master of Coin will no longer steal your gold periodically. Instead, while he is alive, deploying heroes will cost twice as much. He will get stronger with all gold spent deploying heroes. (Will overlap with the Jester for a while.)

The Queen of Lies will no longer steal your valour periodically. Instead it will cost double to claim new settlements. Her strength will be based on the number of settlements owned by the players.

The Lich King will no longer steal your mana periodically. Instead it will cost double when activating your powers. He will get stronger with every power activated!

There might be some weirdness as the bosses transition, but I will try and make it as seamless as possible.

A bunch of collected feedback from a newbie

Any chance of getting a little more specific that this? Like how much stronger do they get? Do they start off as the same power they were before?


Just heroes? Or deploying any card from your deck, like the common infantry cards?


Would the new master of coin gain strength to hire normal units from towns as well, and will those also be twice as much? I know that we can deploy the common troops as cards in the deck, but what about population recruitment?


Right now the new Master of Coin gains a bonus from all cards played from your hand, and not armies recruited at towns.

I’m going to get Penny to to a balancing pass on how much stronger they get before they’re unleashed!


On the face of it, these sound a lot more interesting than the previous versions.


For exact numbers, this is what I’ve got for a starting point (subject to testing/tuning):

Starting Strength: 300, +1 STR / 4 Gold spent on deploying cards (cards will cost x2 Gold to deploy)

Starting Strength: 600, +50 STR / Location under player control

Starting Strength: 600, +1 STR / Mana expended (abilities will cost x2 Mana)


Do you think these changes will make the first day too difficult if they’re out at the start of the game?


These things sure will need tuning. The older bosses were quite easy to kind of dodge so we’ll need to watch carefully how much of an impact these guys make.

They should land tomorrow. I missed pushing them out today because I found a few things I wanted to fix and now it’s quite late.


I just pushed out a new release and any Queen of Lies, Master of Coin, or Lich Kings should be automatically deleted to make way for new versions of these bosses.


That just made our Nightmare game easier.


Sorry Mike, there were just to many weird things that could happen If I tried to replace exiting bosses with the new ones. I didnt want to risk breaking your games entirely.


Here are the 3 revised bosses that are in game so far:

New boss changes coming soon:

Boss Immortal powers

Woah. These are nasty, and I love them. Good work!

Only concern I have is the Lord of Destruction: 2*Fortification Size isn’t a particularly formidable attack. Also, what counts as an “affected” mortal?


Yeah, I’ve been struggling with the wording there as it is so long and complicated.

It actually attacks each unit with: 2 * fortifications size * population of unit, which I shortened to each “mortal” with 2 * fortifications size. So it would attack an army of Human Swordsmen (50 individuals) in a Human Fortress (fortifications 4) with 2 * 4 * 50 = 400. So I was trying to shorten it to each swordsman would be attacked with 8.

Each mortal affected includes every individual in fortifications in range.

It might just be that we will change it to be something like Fortifications * 100 to be simpler, this just means that smaller/weaker units would get hit harder than larger/stronger units.


Ah, interesting. I like the idea for sure (I’ll like it less when I have to deal with it…). I agree that the wording is really tough though, haha. Not sure what to do about that.


Those look really cool. Way to go!


It occurred to a friend of mine that it’s unclear if multiple Queen of Lies/Lich King/Master of Coin would stack. If they do, it seems like they could quickly render a game unwinnable (three Queens would mean a small Elf town costs 8 Valour, etc). So… hopefully they don’t stack?

The Queen of Lies is especially dangerous since she starts off very strong. The others you could conceivably deal with before they become too nutty, but in a six-player game the Queen can easily have 3-4 thousand strength right when she spawns (as just happened to us in our Nightmare Fountain of Wisdom game).


How about changing it to:
Each mortal unit cowering behind fortifications within 3 leagues will suffer a Strength 2 Fortifications*X Size Attack, where X is the number of mortals in the unit. The Lord of Destruction gains +X strength.*

Each mortal unit cowering behind fortifications within 3 leagues will suffer a Strength 2 Fortifications*X Size Attack, where X is the unit size. The Lord of Destruction gains +X strength.*

The current text for size comparison:
Each mortal cowering behind fortifications within 3 leagues will suffer a strength 2*Fortifications Size Attack. The Lord of Destruction gains +1 strength for every Mortal affected.

It’s a bit longer, but I think it should still fit and it may be a bit clearer.

I think it’s fine, since it’s meant to drive armies away from their fortification bonuses, especially dwarven ones. Also keep in mind that this means you can’t have troops sitting in any fortified settlement near this guy, or they will get hit.
It’s not particulary weak either: Even for a small +2 fortification, thats still a 4 damage AoE attack per soldier. Even against a Troll Spear unit, thats 20% of their own stregnth every 12 hours. Against dwarves in a dwarven fort, i’d be a 12 attack vs a 22 combat strength (including the fortifications bonus), and thats without any losses on the Immortals side.


Yeah I think it’s plenty strong as intended. I just thought it was weak as just 2 x Fort Bonus, rather than 2 x Fort Bonus x Unit Size.

Good rewording thoughts!