The Goon's Experimental Game


For your playing pleasure and pain, I invite you to join my experimental game:

Make sure to review the rules before you join.


Did you do a game like this a few weeks ago? I played in a similar game…


I did a different experimental game a few months ago. Not the same settings as this.

So far its hilarious. First three players have 10, 5, and 4 starting stars respectively.


It appears ‘Shrike’ has somehow spawned with two homeworlds. So I guess he’s target #1.


LOL - I pity the player that takes Orange Circle - appears that Shrike took his core world - definitely exposed some flaws in the initial setup algorithms - letting @JayKyburz know.

Ignoring that, some pretty wild parameters - I might be up for playing this if you made a turn-based game - maybe a bit more starting cash?


Turn-based!? Heretic! Burn him!

Yeah next one I’ll tweak it (but not turn-based).

30 econ with double time is basically like having a phat stack.


I got 10 stars, hehe


I tried to sign up for this game and I took Orange Circle without reading this thread first :-/

Guess I’ll have to bow out and decline since that’s an automatic loss.


I killed the match. I’ll start a new one and try to avoid this issue. Look to this thread for link.


New game:


These are interesting settings. I am intrigued by the wormhole reference. Rare random gates can only be utilized if you can scan both ends, correct? So maybe if you enabled alliances, with shared scanning you might open up long range jumps very early, and really make those worm holes worth fighting over?


I’m pretty certain that warp gates “work” even if you don’t have Scan on the other end - your ships just go WHOOOSH!!!

But yea, interesting settings but agree that formal alliances should be enabled … plus if you did turn-based, I’d probably give it a shot.


But you’ve got to see both ends to make the jump. You might not know the other side is a WG until the next tick


You do have to see the world to make a jump - and its a dark galaxy.


I don’t think wgs work if they are on neutral (unclaimed stars). If they’re claimed scanning makes no difference, even if they’re not yours, I think.

I joined btw :slight_smile:


We’re underway!

Who wants to pony up to their avatar and put their reputation on the line? I will be assuming that all unclaimed avatars plan to use anonymity to betray their way up the leaderboard.

I am The Shadow Man.


I made the mistake of forgetting it was an extra anonymity and used my primary alias Kelad :slight_smile:


Funny Goon. I just understood why this guy just sent me this confusing message. I’m The Shadow Man.

(And I can prove it too ;))

BTW, we are all stuck. XD This is interesting.


The battle is heating up in my sector. Looks likely to settle into a long siege.


Our first star leader died a brutal, quick death. It appears he has quit while still in possession of his homeworld. It appears a couple empires split his periphery. What’s the story?