Third player leaked into 2 player conversation


In the current 64 player Phi Markab game, I am playing as The Lunar Assembly, and had a two-way chat with Code Blue. Somehow, the player named ‘The Wall’ was able to send a message in that chat. Neither of us had talked to him, and he was on the other side of the board.

I have screenshots that I am reserving, as they are sensitive and from an in-progress game, but I will upload them once there is no harm in doing so.


You can send that screenshot to , and also include link to this forum thread.


I looked into this a bit and will make an educated guess. This is caused when two players in the same game send a message at exactly the same instant. If the messages are registered by the game at the same milisecond then they will share the same identifier. This doesn’t happen often because the timing must be exactly the same and it doesn’t happen with replies, only original messages.

It’s going to be so unlikely that your case might be the first time it’s ever happened. 64 player games will have a higher chance of this happening because there are more players, but it is still very rare.



i have the fix, sent green cross to take Lunar stars and end said messages :wink:


Hrm, I might have to review the security of the messages. It might be possible to somehow guess the id of messages and request messages that are not addressed to you. May then be able to post comments into them.