Tips for getting started in NP2


This will hopefully grow into a one stop shopping spot for ideas for new players.

This guide is a little out of date, but still has some great gems of ideas.

Jeff Thomas’ strategy guide


  1. Trading techs is key in the early game, make sure to invest in some science early on to be able to trade. Talk to as many other players as possible.
  2. Investing in econ early is important. As was mentioned in another thread by @Ernomouse , “Economy -> Money -> Industry -> Ships -> Stars -> Victory”
  3. Use the Galaxy stars list to make your upgrades or the Bulk Infrastructure upgrade (just be careful with the latter that it doesn’t upgrade stars that are about to be taken).
  4. Being in the lead is good, but also makes you a target at times.

As people post ideas, I will try to collect them up here. (or change)


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