Tournament Round 25 - Pretty Valley


This week’s Tournament is the Human mission Pretty Valley. Also a free map this month. Good luck!


Now this is a map I know well.
I’ve got as good a score as I think I can get but if someone draws with it what happens?
Do I stay in the lead as I got it first or does it come down to time taken?
If it is time then how will others find out what they have to beat? (Unless I tell them)


They would have to get the exact same number of survivors to tie, not just percentage.


Then sorted by the age of the game as well. After that it’s up to the database gods to decide.


Apart from the NW towns i didn’t lose anyone, and i don’t think its possible to save those towns.
But if i can do that then so can others and they will have the same number of survivors.
As time doesn’t show unless defeated and its only fair to know what the target is, i finished in 10 days 5 hours