Tournaments in NP


I’ve seen players with tournament related badges, but am unsure on how and when these tournaments occur. I’ve been active for a bit over a year and have yet to encounterer a tournament mode of some sort or opportunity to join one. Can anyone shed some light?


My Tournament is being held right now.

The tournaments are usually player-created, and Jay hands out the victory trophy badges as needed to the victors, like with a conquest or Proteus crimson trophy badge.

I was confused too, and kept looking for a sign of such a tournament. I think they were officially run by Jay here and there in the past, but times changed and he’s moved on to develop new games and stuff, with less and less time for NP related activity, like hosting tournaments we can host for ourselves.

There is a turn-based tournament going up, so I’ve heard, which you can sign up for. I’m afraid the Smulm Cup has its players filled, unless something strange happens and some of them AFK.


The turn based tournament has already started. :frowning: