Trade between AI


I just noticed in a game that the AI was keeping up on the tech race, even if at a great disadvantage on research. On a single turn, it seems that one strong AI player would get new weapons tech and suddenly all AI players (even a guy with research 0) would get it too. Also, a shared banking tech with one AI and the other 2 AI got the tech almost immediately.

I have reason to believe no other player participated in this, but just to confirm, is the AI sharing or trading stuff with itself? If so, at a given price or limitations?


Yes, Jay updated it. I’m not sure if he posted that here but I know he did on G+. They will now coordinate research efforts, with the AI closest to each tech working towards that. Weapons will always be a priority. They then instantly share when they become an AI, and apparently every 4 Ticks after that.


He also mentioned that the biggest AI is on weapons (I assumed he meant AI with most science) and the rest on random techs.


Thanks guys! Tried to search for it but did not find it. Any idea how it works? I’m pretty sure one AI had nothing to trade, but still got updates. Is it paying for it?


From what I have seen, though haven’t tried testing, is that they simply equalize. If one has more tech then the others when it become an AI, it will just share with the others. They work together, not exactly trade.


Yes, the AI receiver of the tech pays the transfer cost. That way a large AI will not go broke providing weak AI with tech.