Trading credits for tech with the AI

What are the current conditions governing this ?

A couple of months ago a friendly AI would seemingly always give you a tech in return for you sending the AI the credits it cost to send it. But things seem to have changed.

I notice that on June 3 Jay posted " … You now need to send them at least enough cash to buy a point of regard before they will consider sending a tech back… "

Is that the current position ?

And does “they will consider sending a tech back” mean that sometimes you will send a friendly AI sufficient credits to buy a point of regard and the AI won’t send you a tech ?

Yes, you need to send a regards cash to get tech back. I believe there is a small chance they will choose not to send you tech and keep the cash for themselves.

Will an AI with a negative opinion of me still trade me tech?
And is it still the case that if i send them tech instead of cash, they will send some back?

no and yes

Will an AI at friendly (8) with me trade tech for credits ?

If so, how many credits are required for a level 5 tech where the transfer cost is 15 credits per tech level ?

( In my experience prior to the AI getting to level 8 friendly it will always send you a tech if you send it the credits necessary to improve relations. But on reaching friendly (8) it stops saying how many credits if any will improve relations.)


I was just wondering exactly the same thing in one of my games. That one is too tight to experiment with very high “friend costs”, but I’m getting there with another one that is all but won so I’ll experiment in the next days and report back.

Well, if you pay enough credits, they still send you tech at friendly (8). Tough part is knowing how much is enough.

Hah found it. The formula was deceptively simple, I was looking for something more complicated. It’s just 5x economy of the AI.

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Thanks for researching and publishing the answer.