Turn-based games can be WON mid-turn

Others may know this (and heck, maybe I posted about this a while ago), but you can win a turn-based game “mid-turn”

I.e. we’ve all seen the message “Be the first to capture ### Stars”

In a recent 1v1 game against @Lex, I finally(!) got the upper hand and he conceded. Rather than Claim Victory, I kept playing as I needed a 100 Stars to win.

His AI Robot had an attack in progress … so I timed things so that a few ticks after the turn, I had 100 stars … but then I lost a star before the end of the 6-tick turn.

I.e. the game shows as over, but I “only” have 99 stars! :wink:

This is a pretty unusual corner case that would probably only possibly be a factor in a 1v1 game with 50% to win … or a multi-user game with 33% to win. And it’s more likely to happen in a 24-tick turn game … these tends to be really crazy as lots happens with multiple stars changing sides during a turn.

This suggests that in the NP source code, there is a check for “did you reach ### stars” at each tick, not as each turn … which makes sense. Today’s trivia! :wink:

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