Turnbased tournament


Ok, so how many of you are intrested in playing a turn-based tournament? I’m thinking roughly the same set-up as Smulm Cup Tournament.


I’d be up for this … although not super gung-ho about circular layout … but not sure what would be better.

Ideally would attract motivated players so we don’t have to WAAIIITTTT forever … turn-based games can go quicker than real-time … but only takes one to slow it down.


Yeah, circular is a bit rigid but maybe offers the most equal start?

Maybe a twin ring?

Mayby something similiar to Hardcore simulation game? Love the setup with one starting star, dark galaxy and trade scanned.


And dedicated players is of course preferable. I think 24hr deadline is the best though.


Would love to join a tb tournament once my other game ends. Not a fan of circular unless the center is filled either, and definitely not circular double hex.

12 hour jumps, 24 wait sounds fair to me. 8 is just painstakingly slow with 24 hours waits, especially if it’s a lot of players.



Here is my suggestion: 16 players in first round. The top 8 continues to second round. And the final is a showdown between the 4 top players from the second round.

Random Hex, random scatter
12 hour jumps, 24 deadline
Trade scanned enabled
Dark galaxy
Otherwise default NP.

Sounds good?


Count me in for this, game setup proposal looks good to me.


Can people without premium join this kind of game?


Yeah sure! I’ll make it a public game for everyone to join.


…but would be better if you went premium and supported Jay (if you enjoy the game).


Yeah of course. :slight_smile:


And we’re up!



Sweet, thanks @Axson .

I would buy premium, I just can’t really afford it at the moment…


Especially since Green Square was available, the HULK is in.
Nice simple params - like that Trade Scan is enabled since otherwise, edge players trade across the galaxy.

Also posted on the in-game chat thread of the real-time tourney game … figure some players there might want to join to SMASH the Hulk! :wink:


Good to have you on Hulk!


sign me up


One more spot to fill!



And the game has begun!

We got a bunch of serious players, so hoping people won’t dilly-dally and submit their moves … turn-based games can actually go faster than real-time. BTW, 12-hour jumps is a LOT … would recommend 8 or even 6 for the next rounds. I do realize it’s a trade-off with keeping the game moving.


Let’s see how 12 hour jumps works out this time. 6 is way to slow in my opinion.


Hey sorry I didn’t join @axson but it looks like I’m in for another break from np2. Hope you guys have fun though!