Two really horrendous maps with open positions


I’m in two multiplayer maps where things have turned horrible because of inactives. If anyone wants to join and try salvage them it’ll be a massive help. One seems winnable but it could take quite a while to win. The other… Seems extremely bad.


Is the game number of the winnable map. Zombies are out of control, 1 force has lost everything but I’m willing to give a settlement once valour comes in. With no Zombie humans to deal with, making a last defence in the plains against the oncomming zombies should net us the win. Can’t summon cards because of the Master of Coins but a mass army of just normal troops should be enough to defend against them. Now it’s just a race to see how many settlements I can capture and train troops with before they fall.


is the other one. We could win this one as well I guess. But it depends on how quick people can join the game and slow down the horde.


Joined both. The first one seems to winnable indeed, if the current players don’t leave or screw up. For the second one it would be a good thing if one more person joins in to take up the elves, it’s the only seat left that isn’t a lost cause as a player.

When I checked the humans, there was a 4000str force just one step away from their only troop, no way to get out of dodge before they would reach you. And the others have no troops left at all. But the elves still stand a chance.


The game with match ID of “5037838774042624” could use some help.

The troll group at South East Iron Crown recently went inactive and they have quite a good set of forces to help defend. It will be fine without someone joining, but it could speed things up considerably if someone does pick up where the trolls left off.


…I was all excited to join this one until I realized I’m already in that game.


This game could still really use someone to take over the southeast trolls. There are big monster stacks running amok through an empire that should have the strength to defend itself, if only someone were running it.


All other afk players are dead, I’m taking the goblins with its lone spider… FEAR ME!!!


You have a giant spider! Damn right we’re going to fear you! (Grabs giant swatter)

Unless one of us is from Australia, they kill 3 giant spiders and a dropbear on the average commute.


Got a game here we could use dudes for!



Just joined. Looks really bad but it seems like you guys have managed to hold up really well. The elf side I took over hasn’t done anything so it might be a while before I can contribute much. But I’ll try to expand and train as many forces as I can to help fight back