Typos in Help Index "Diplomacy" and "The Map"


Clicking on the icon once will center the map on the players (player’s) home star. Clicking twice will show the players (player’s) Empire Summary Screen.

The Map

These numbers correspond to the Economy, Industry and Science infrastructure that has been build (built) at the star.

The number below a Stars (Star’s) name, or below a carrier shows how many ships are at the star or in the carrier.

You (Your) current Scanning Technology range will be shows (shown) as a faint dashed ring, and your current Hyperspace Technology will be shown as a faint spiky ring.

In the image above, the blue player can see Hoedus , (no comma) and Yildun as they are within his Scanning Tech Range (range).

Also, Murzim is within blue players (player’s) Hyperspace jump range so he could order a carrier to travel from Arkab to Murzim, even thought he cannot see it.

A carrier that has been ordered to make a hyperspace jump will have a line draw (drawn) from the ship to its (it’s) destination. If the line has a white highlight it means the carrier is in hyperspace and that it must complete the jump (period missing)

Stars with warp gate accelerators build (built) will be shown in (on) the map with a colored ring.

Fixed and thanks again @Camelorn .