UI help on smart phone

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m not doing something correctly.

Sometimes when I message another player in game I can hide the keyboard and see the game map below the message tab which allows me to click stars and have their names appear in the message, exactly like it works on a computer.

Other times I hide the keyboard and the message window expands to cover the whole screen.

Is there a way to make sure the map is visible on a phone browser while the message tab is open or is it just glitchy?

The game was designed so that the message screen is maximised, because phones used to be smaller. Now that phones are bigger I might need to do something else. I’ll have a think about it.

What browser and OS are you using btw. How big is your phone?

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Thanks for the response Jay, just seemed weird that it sometimes works; though I see now it tends to show the map when creating new messages where there isn’t a long thread of old messages to display.

I’m on an Android Samsung Galaxy S9 (not plus). Typically running Chrome.

This is what I get on new messages

I’ll add a vote for turning off this behavior. It’s the biggest annoyance about playing on my phone.

I’m on an iPhone 8 using Safari. (Maybe a toggle in the preferences for people with small phones would make everybody happy.)

Thanks, for the feedback. I hope I’ll have a chance to look into this soon.

Most phones have “desktop mode” which works fine on some phones. I’ve noticed if I rotate my phone to the side, refresh, then rotate back, it let’s me zoom in and out regardless of the thread so I can click on stars instead of typing them in manually.
Playing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Latest Android patch.