User Script Extensions


@Qwerty, these are awesome - many thanks. Just out of curiosity, how did you know how to interact with the existing codebase? I’m interested in writing some scripts of my own, or contributing in some way, at least, but I haven’t been able to find any documentation.

Bear with me if this already exists and I’ve simply missed it - I’m pretty new here, still feeling my way around.


Sorry, I don’t have any documentation but if you open a games with “gameu” in place of game you will get and uncompressed version of the scripts that are easier to read.



That’s a good start - thanks!


HEY … I just hit the URL … and for grins, checked W3C validation. You actually are pretty close - just need to add some Alt Tags, close a few divs, and check your noscripts.


Just wanted to ask about the status on this project.

Is there a possibility to gather the game data after it has finished, or does it have to be done on regular basis during the game?

A possibility to review the game progression afterwards would be a blast !

Gathering and reviewing game progression

So using one of your scripts @Qwerty I created this

It is in super-sucky javascript (I am a total programming newb) BUT I needed it as we have a 11 player game in our office and anyone stalling the game is a criminal!

So what it does - It creates notifications for you about the amount of players who have pressed ready.
You can change the game id after the hashtag in the url to change it to check your game instead.



Wow, I like it, this is super cool! I am glad someone is using the api. Feels goood :smile:
I wish I had more time developing more tools… I had so much news coming.