Username Stealing URGENT PROBLEM

Hi, a lot of you Neptune’s Pride players probably know me as BOsshOgg with 2 g’s at the end. However, when I first started Neptune’s pride I made my account with one g at the end, and then as I got older I put 2 g’s. Now after I posted a meme on the Neptune’s Pride reddit, I made the mistake of including my username. Now, when I try to join the new 32 player games, I see multiple people posing as me. Now usually this wouldn’t be a problem for I can just call them out, but there is a person who is named BOsshOgg, and someone named BOsshOggg, which bars me from using my own actual legitimate username. Can IHG do anything so that I can play with my username without anyone continuing to pose as me? Not only is this annoying for me, but if they were to do actions that are dishonorable or demeaning, this would destroy my reputation and of how other perceive me, and there is nothing I can do because they have my exact same username.

When choosing an alias for a new game the system does check to make sure that its not somebodies real alias.

Yes, but BOsshOgg is the username I have always played with, but my true alias is BOsshOg, because I messed up when creating my account and never put that second g. Now, somebody has taken that and is posing as me. If you ask anyone, I have been playing as that for almost 8 years now. But the fact that somebody took it is something I need help on.

Is there a game number for us to look at ?

It’s this one. Originally there were two people with his name, but one left right before the game started so now just one.

I was allied with (the real) BOsshOgg in a 32 player game recently, so the impersonator messaged me immediately trying to act like he was my old ally.

I understand you guys might not think it is a big deal, but if I hadn’t catched this guy then he would’ve successfully posed as me. As for the other guy that left, I have no idea where he is! I am constantly checking 8 player games and everything to see if he turns up again, but this is tiring work that I don’t think I should be doing because someone is impersonating me! (something that should be banned in the first place).

I will PM you a link so you can try and claim your real alias. That way others will not be able to use it exactly.

But to be clear, this will not prevent people using characters that look almost exactly the same. B0ssh0gg for example. (those are numbers instead of capitals)

So you can’t do anything about those who keep impersonating me?

The NP FAQ explains that players should not choose alias names that are difficult to distinguish between players.

While a game is open filling waiting for players to join, if you see another player that you think might be causing a problem, quickly send a diplomatic email before the game starts including a link to the NP FAQ & ask them to read the ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR section. Suggest that player leave the game, so he could re-join a different game & use a different alias in all future games. Also quickly send an email with game number to Jay, so maybe that player could be put on watch. Perhaps that player can continue in good sporting behavior in the future. Jay has been known to delete Premium players in the past.

Gamers are here to have fun & enjoy a good game. I personally prefer my role play to be comical & unambiguous. Humor comes in all grey scales. This is only a game. Do not be verbally abusive or offensive. Warn the offending player. If the player’s behavior does not improve, then send the game number to Jay in a PM or email, and he may determine what actions to take.


You could open a new account for every possible variation of your name lol. Might not be appreciated, but it could be done.

Lol and then sign up for a big game with an army of 32 bosshoggs. That could be real funny

lmao imagine that. It was be the quickest 32 player in history.

Honestly 10 bosshoggs oughta be enough to win…

I’d like to think I could do it with 4… if I started out close to the copies. One to absorb immediately and two allies to keep researching for me

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Imagine if guys like us actually started joining 32 player games with alts. I mean if people who aren’t that good at this game are starting to win games with alts, what will happen if we do it?


Oh dear. That would be a serious problem…