Victory Conditions

Hello people of the interwebs!

A group of my friends from our university recently discovered this game and have been playing a few test games. I’m this close to purchasing a premium membership, and probably will end up getting at least 3 months worth but I have a few questions first about future devolpment.

Are there any plans for alternate victory conditions? Usually in games like this I try to take a more peaceful diplomatic and/or scientific route and I think having games with goals like “Be the first to max out a technology” or “Be the first to get at least 100 in all technologies” would make for interesting changes. Based on my very limited knowledge of the game it would make terraforming much more valuable than it already is and would promote wanting to defend mostly just your high resource planets more than trying to protect everything. Correct me if you think otherwise however, I’ve only played in three games so far.

I believe the only victory conditions are a certain % of the total star systems. The three options being 25%, 33%, 50%, and 66% or something close to that.

I however am not the final authority.

Certainly worth a suggestion. What exactly would you want as victory conditions. A level 100 skill would seem very high.

Yeah i’ve been thinking this for a while. Alternate victory conditions would be fun. There’s been a few suggestions peppered throughout various posts.