Victory star total mismatch?

Hi ,
I just started game

the settings say small galaxy with 16 stars per player and 8 players total,
this should be 128 stars for the galaxy.

The Leader board , however states that 51 of 100 stars are needed to win.

Which is the correct number needed for victory (51 or 65) ?

I have a jpg file, but not sure how to paste it in this forum.

Just drag and drop the image into the text input box.
Was it a custom map design?

I don’t think I have ever seen it do exactly Stars x Players. Usually it will be a few shy of that and then give you 51% as the win condition.

The game doesn’t always generate the correct amount of stars depending on what your settings are. I’ve had it generate a significant number less than it should have on multiple tries. Some kind of conflict in the code I would guess. Did you actually count the stars?

expanded screenshot link

OK, the drag and drop worked from my file folder.

settings were for a regular hexigrid map

but the leaderboard says 51 stars to capture
instead of the expected 65 I calculated from the game settings page.
review custom setting is behind the red arrow from the Leaderboard panel.

I think that when the stars map is created some of the stars which are too close to each other are removed, which would account for this situation you have spotted.
If stars are too close you can’t select individual stars (I found this while trying to create some custom maps using the double ring star layout, messes up your waypoints when moving ships around)).

@eDave is right, on this one. There is a little randomness in the total size of the galaxy.