Viewing User Created Games

Is there any way to see more User Created Games to join? My home page only shows 8 and it always seems to show the same 8 after reloading or time or the like. I highly doubt there are only 8 games available and none of the ones shown have settings im looking for.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also on a related note, i recently played with a game with a 30 minute tick timer. I enjoyed this faster paced game but tried creating my own game since i didnt see one i liked but couldnt find an option in the create games setting for tick timer. Its an option in games i VIEW but not in games i try to create… any help with that?

It’s the double speed games that have the 30 min tick timers.

Verry possible there are only 8 public games. We are a fairly small community and many of the games created are private.