Weapons share amongst enemies in simultaneous battle

We were in an epic game recently and we had 2 opposing players land on on a star at the same time that was already owned by a third player. Since it was epic, no formal alliances.

When the battle occurred, both opposing players battled the owner of the star at the same weapons level (33); however one player had weapons 33 and the other had weapons 20.

This gave the player with the lower level weapons a huge bonus in this fight and that player ended up victorious when they should not have won the star.

Is this a bug? It doesn’t make sense that the battle would default to the highest level weapons since we were not in an alliance and it was mere coincidence that we should arrive at the star at the same time.

Anyone else see this?


Interesting! I know the weapons share is supposed to happen when allies fight together, but in this situation…

What the devil is weapon share?

In a battle where two allied players fight together against a common foe, they both fight with the highest weapons level among them. Example: My planet is under attack, and my ally sends a fleet to defend it. If I have weapons tech 7, and my ally has weapons tech 5, he fights with tech 7 for the duration of the battle, because he fights on my planet.

Is this in the faq? (Goes to look)