What a difference 10 Mana makes

Thirty-six minutes away from disaster, 10 Mana produces this:

And a battle is turned… Yes!


That’s the resource multiplication units for ya :slight_smile:

A set of Tree Whispers, a set of Dark Forrest Witches, powered by Gnostic Mages and backed by swarms of Elvin Archers and it was like a Valor and Mana-generating B52s dropping daisy cutter bombs every 12 hours. So… much… fun.

I wound up using the Ents in three adjacent spots to block my flank from periodic zGryphons attacks.

You must’ve had a dozen mana pools to power that war machine :stuck_out_tongue:
Or did you just use the valour you got from slaughtering zombies?

Combo of DFWs and Valor conversion, though I did have four Mana pools. I regularly had close to 500 Mana…

It was a simple SP game with Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Gryphons and Ents.

DFW’s with ents? I do not envy those zombies…

The Ents were too far away from the main battle, so I created a 3 Ent (4000-5000 each) wall that the gGryphons kept flying into. They managed to kill one of my Mana pools, but I restored it once they expended themselves.

The zombies had to face a combination of DFW, TWs and Elvin Archers and didn’t fare well…

So first you drained their souls (whats left of it), then you shot them, then you trapped them in nature’s tentacles, and to top it off you send the giant superpowered tree-men to stomp their heads 3 feet into the ground and use them as fertilizer.

We ARE the good guys right?

Unfortunately, the Ents were too slow to make it to the main battle, so no stomping of heads.

Even without them, it felt a bit unfair…

Well, at least you didn’t use a forest fire to burn the bodies. I hope…
Though that would explain why the ents didn’t make it: They were too busy with the whole “being on fire” thing.

The zedGryphons would have liked to have seen that, but they instead chose to suicide into ~6000 strong Ents.

Provided you have a lot of Mana (and a lot of time to get them in place), a line of those Ents is a practically unbreakable wall against aerial assaults…


Spot the difference:

As for moving, thats what teleporting trolls are for