What are people's thoughts about "Spy" mechanics added to every player interaction?

Just want to hear feedback about Spy mechanics. I’m new to the game and love the social deception aspect of it. Not sure why but it’s incredibly fun not knowing if I’m being deceived or tricked into helping someone seal my fate.

With that said, I think a few additions would make it interesting. These are ideas purely oriented towards social deception aspects of gameplay and I doubt they would be added but I think they are fun to think about. These are 5 ideas I think would help give any custom game a “Spy” feel. (Honestly, just want feedback and thoughts. I’m pretty certain all of this would be crazy difficult to add as well as balance)

  1. Tax on secret exchanges (things like messages, tech transfers, and cash transfers) between players in order to “encrypt” them.
  2. Formal Alliances have no tax on messages. Discounts on all other transfers.
  3. A new research branch called “Hacking”. The higher your level the cheaper it is to capture communications or maybe even steal technology as it’s being transferred from one player to another. You as a hacker would be given a list of times one player sent a message and you would be able to pay your hackers to decipher it.
  4. Alliances can be entered into “Secretly” and “Publicly”. I saw someone mention this in another thread from a while back Formal Alliances -- Secret and Public and I thought it was a super interesting idea
  5. Spy ships. You have the ability to pay for a ship to travel with another players carrier and you can see what is happening on every star they visit.

I don’t wanna spam ideas. I just wanted to give a list of off the top of my head social deception concepts that would be fun to hear feedback on.

Thanks in advance for any responses.


Really interesting ideas! My own feeling is that what makes NP such a good game is its simplicity, so my instinct is not to try and add new features. The ‘diplomacy’ part of the game is great fun when players take the time and care to go for it - probably doesn’t need extra in-game features to help it along.

Just my view…