What exactly is hidden


Hi guys… im considering making the jump to premium user at some point… but i would like clarification on what you can an cant see in dark and extra anonymity?

in dark i understand that you cannot see anything beyond scanner range; i assume it is therefore pointless to have a jump range larger than your scanner range? but in dark mode can you see other peoples research levels, number of ships etc?

what i hope is that a combination of both dark and extra anonymity means that you can truly not see anything. cant see anything past your scanners, cant see how many ships/carriers/econ etc people have, cant see research levels. literally all you can see is in your scanners. and if you find another player all you know about them is what is inside scanners…


Dark means that you basically can’t see stars beyond your scanning range, but you can still see any player’s tech, infrastructure, ships, stars, and everything on their info scree (or whatever you call it).

Extra anonimity simply means that you can’t see a players Victories, Rank and Renown, and that their true alias’ aren’t revealed after the end of the game. It means you don’t know who a player is AT ALL.

Hope I helped.


thats a bit disappointing… maybe there should be a ‘deeper darkness’ setting. i think some games would be a lot more interesting if you dont know the tech levels of your opponents…


Well, I’ve seen a lot of arguments about this, but I’m fine with the way it is right now, because having so much hidden info takes away a lot of diplomacy and strategy away.


I agree that dark mode shouldn’t be changed. But I disagree with your points about strategy. I think it includes more strategy because you dont have certain informationi fid it odd that there isnt a mode where ou cant interact with people that you dont know exist.