What if

Instead of your homestar being 50 resource. It was 70 resource like those juicy stars in proteus? Having ONLY the home star of each player being 70 resource would amp up the rewarding feeling of claiming an enemies home star majorly. And its already pretty good!

I feel like triton just needs a teeny pinch of something new, to revitalise it. A change like this wouldn’t affect balance or negatively impact anyones experience.

Similarly i think Proteus (which now takes forever for a game to start) Could use a little less of “everything different to triton” Like say getting rid of the scaling carrier cost, so players have a carrier for each star looping like in triton.

Just food for thought

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Jay started working a new code base, feel free to use this thread for your feedback: Help Improve Proteus

But from what I understood, he won’t be changing Triton or Proteus but rather work on the next iteration, taking the best from the two plus some feedbacks.

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Yes, the idea is that I don’t break either of the old games and leave them running for as long as google will have them running. The new game I hope will be a fun variant, hopefully more fun, and something to switch to when google tells me they will no longer support the old code base. (years away, but I work very slowly. )


Would love “Edit Mode” after a galaxy is built to move stars around.

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Oh okay a 3rd mode is actually more exciting. Once their not supported any longer, perhaps you could then “remaster” them with tweaks and bring them back that way. Look forward to playing it