What to do when another player decides to help you win?

I have this very strange experience in a Standard game (8p), after only three players remained, the weakest player decided that he would help me to win (by sending all his ships against the other player).

We have been allies from the beginning of the game and had never known each other before the game.

I feel that most people would let the two strongest fight, and use that opportunity to grow stronger. Then try, to win themselves.

How would you react in such a situation?

Perhaps he is impressed with how he perceives your morality ? So he wants to fight your enemy ?

I would try to help him stay strong & prevent him from becoming KO, maybe help him win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, and give him renown.

Here is what he told me that he messaged the other guy:

<my_nickname> has been my ally from the start and supported me, I even bought him a “Top Ally” badge to show my appreciation.
I am happy to take second place in the galaxy - I play the game for the experience as opposed to getting 1st place

This does not seem unusual to me. Some allies are faithful, and some go above & beyond. Good to have. Watch his back for him. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Be sure to give some smack talk against the enemy. :crazy_face: Intimidate & taunt your enemy. Let them know that your alliance is strong with leather armor & knives, and your ally will stop at nothing to destroy them.


There will be violence.


:crazy_face: I think I have a hundred or more of these. LOL :upside_down_face:

Definitely, a great ally, but a very anti-climatic end of a game.

PS: That bird video made me laugh

It depends on the role play. Not every video is applicable in every situation. I have too many. Even when organized, it can still take a while to find a best fit.


Let your enemy know that they will have very bad ending. :crazy_face:
You are going to blow the stuffing out of them.
I am betting on your alliance. :rage:

Perhaps your ally is heroic.



In most games, yes. However, the main problem I see with this choice of strategy in NP is that it isn’t a constant or linear game, but rather exponential, or close to it. This means that if you are ahead, you will often get even further ahead, even if you are fighting another player, making it difficult for a third player to catch up. That’s why so many players in NP would rather ally with the leader to suicide against the runner-up with hopes of being given a podium placement compared to other strategy/board games.

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Interesting, never knew this.

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But why care about podium placement?

Sounds like he/she wanted you to award him/her the best ally medal for a gg.

Folks generally are more generous when times go better than expected. Not every galaxy in NP2 will lead you to victory.

Short answer, because the game makes it easy to care. Long answer, well… go study psychology and then come back to me and let me know the answer!