What's the fastest real time game speed?

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I’m considering buying the lifetime premium, which would allow me to host my own games VS the AI. But I’m wondering… What’s the fastest game speed?


Game creation allows quad speed (4 pay cycles / 24 real time hours) in real time mode
turn based
allows an production cycle every turn jump with minimal 1 hour turn wait.
( 24 pay cycles / 24 real time hours ) .
The risk on the turn based is miss enough turn submissions (I recall 3 ), and the galaxy will kick your empire into AI mode as AFK (away from keyboard).

I think real times takes 3 days (72 hours real time ) to set you AFK AI mode where you no longer have any control in a game.

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Thanks for all the info. Do ships move faster at quad speed?

Part of my initial question was whether there were faster game modes, only available to Premium players. I’d love to play Neptune’s Pride (vs the AI) at a quicker rate, for instance, as a pausable or turn-based game that lasts a couple of hours.


If you want to play vs the AI it is easiest to just make a regular turn based game with a long turn deadline and just play your turns without stopping. There is no limit to how fast you can submit to trigger the next step.

Having said that, I think the AI are really not at all what the game is about. Defeating the AI is pretty easy and doens’t involve any of the truly core skills of the game proper. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it, just be aware you’re playing a different game.

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In game creation, there are two modes to choose from:

  1. Real-Time Mode: This mode enables quad speed, allowing for 4 pay cycles in 24 real-time hours.
  2. Turn-Based Mode: This mode permits a production cycle for every turn, with a minimum 1-hour turn wait, equivalent to 24 pay cycles in 24 real-time hours.

However, it’s important to note that in the turn-based mode, there is a risk associated with missing a sufficient number of turn submissions. If you miss around three turns, the game will switch your empire into AI mode, considering you as AFK (away from the keyboard).

In real-time mode, it typically takes 3 days, equivalent to 72 real-time hours, to trigger the AFK AI mode where you lose control over the game.

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For those interested in facing off against the AI, the most straightforward approach is to initiate a regular turn-based game with a lengthy turn deadline. In this setup, you can play your turns without interruptions, and there’s no restriction on how quickly you can submit to advance the game.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that the AI opponents don’t represent the core essence of the game. Conquering the AI is relatively straightforward and doesn’t encompass the fundamental skills that define the true nature of the game. This doesn’t imply that you can’t derive enjoyment from such matches, but it’s important to be aware that you’re essentially engaging in a distinct gaming experience. This perspective offers a unique understanding of the game’s different facets.