When Actions are Visible in Turn Based Games


In turn based games I’m trying to figure out what actions another player sees right away and which they have to wait until the turn runs to see. Please weigh in with confirmations, additions, or clarifications.

Sees right away: all tech trades, warp creation and destruction, abandoning of stars, receiving money.

Only sees after turns runs: increases in economy and production, both in the leaderboard and at the actual stars. Carrier creation and new targeting of carriers.

I assume these aren’t issue in real time games and you see all of the above seconds after the actions are taken.


…you 100% sure about that? Used to work like that but was fixed a while ago because it was highly unfair (~even in real time games).

Abandoning is still visible I believe, should be changed. See here

It’s kind of hard to remove tech info. Would make trading much more laborious. Also, someone could send you a tech you already have.

It might be a good idea to make this scan-only visible in game with scan only trading.

No one can see your bank balance…?


Nope. Warp creation and destruction is NOT immediately visible in turn based games.