Where to train Wolf Riders?


Is there an Orc settlement type where you can train wolf riders? I love those fast little things and desperately want more.
In general I have not been able to discern what kind of units are trained where or if there is only one type for each race.


I think the only way to recruit them is through Hero Cards, or the rare occasion where a group of Wolfriders request to join your cause for 1 Coin.

But they are a common card type, so visit the Tavern and open a few Orc Packs, I bet you’ll come across 2 or 3 to add to your collection. Then you can just play them outright on any Orc Settlement you own. (Super cool!)


This is a good question and a point that we could incorporate into the help!

SpySat1 is right. There is only one type of unit that you can recruit in settlements per race. Every other unit is deployed from your hand as a hero card. You can choose 6 types of units to take into the map with you at the start of the game, in addition to the cards that you are given in the map. You can also drawn new cards into your hand from the Tavern or when volunteers approach you in towns.